Important Reasons Why You Should Use Counter-Pressure Beer Can Fillers

If you are thinking of starting craft beer brewing, you need to look into can fillers. They will enable you to get your product to your customers far and wide. The best beer can fillers for new brewers are the counter-pressure can fillers. Here are three reasons you should buy one.  


When starting a new business, you must spend your money wisely. A counter-pressure can filler is an excellent investment as it does not cost an arm and a leg. As a new business, you want a can filler that will not use up all your capital. Counter-pressure can fillers work and are not as expensive as other types. You can purchase them at a local store or buy online. Bear in mind that, depending on your budget, you can pick either a new one or a used one. Used counter-pressure can fillers cost less, but you should check to ensure that it works before taking it with you.  

Easy to use 

The best machinery for your business is easy to use. Craft beer systems that require a long time to learn how to operate cut into your production values and profits. A counter-pressure can filler is easy to assemble and use. You can start filling cans almost immediately. All instructions for use are in the user manual. There are no special instructions necessary for you to start filling your beer into cans. You should, however, ensure that your beer cans are clean before you start. If your customers find pieces of debris in them or fall sick, your venture will fail. They work with all keg systems. You will not need to incur the added costs of replacing your keg system when using counter-pressure beer can fillers.  

Prevents Foaming 

Counter pressure can fillers help reduce foaming during the canning process. You can do this by using longer tubing when filling the cans. Foaming is a result of the introduction of air into the beer can during the process. When oxygen gets mixed in with your craft beer, it lowers the quality of your brew. It also affects its longevity. Your craft beer will go bad very quickly. It will also affect the taste of the beer. Counter-pressure can fillers prevent this by first filling the can with CO2. 


Your can fillers are an essential part of your craft beer operation. Using the counter-pressure beer can filler will ensure that your beer reaches your customers in the best quality.

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