Various Applications of Sandblasting in the Industrial Sector

The use of sandblasting as a surface preparation technique for metal products is very common in the manufacturing and restoration applications. Read on below to learn about the various projects that may require the use of sandblasting to prepare metal surfaces for painting and coating works.

Fabrication of New Metal Products

The manufacture of new metal products typically happens in a highly controlled environment, and part of the process will take place in sandblasting cabinets or abrasive blasting rooms. The unfinished metal that is used to create metal products usually contains surface contaminants, such as loose rust, oil and grease, that will affect the quality of surface coating if not removed.

Surface preparation of the metal substrate material is done ahead of the coating application to create a scale-free surface that the coating will bond to well. This is essential for achieving a uniform coating application that helps to protect the substrate metal and that contributes to the aesthetics of the finished metal product.

Maintenance of Existing Metal Surfaces

Over time, the surface coating that is applied onto newly manufactured metal products wears down due to constant exposure to the elements.

After all, high humidity, frigid temperatures, heat, friction and other inclement conditions that cause contamination of uncoated metal material don't usually cease to exist with the application of protective coatings on the metal surfaces. Some common warning signs of deteriorating coating include chipping or loose paint. Such signs must never be ignored.

As a normal part of maintenance, sandblasters can remove the topmost layer of the coating on metal surfaces to allow for proper adhesion during the application of a fresh coating.

Compliance with Industry Standards for Metal Structures

Most industries that use metal products and structures are highly regulated. Such industries include but are not limited to the marine, automotive, building construction, civil works and aerospace industries. 

For example, local building codes and standards may specify the minimum requirements for the painting and coating of steel buildings. Likewise, marine contractors may be required to use coated steel products that meet specified criteria for marine-grade construction.

No matter which industry requirements and standards you need to meet, sandblasting can help you to attain the required surface preparation and cleaning for the metal.

As you can see, sandblasting is an essential surface preparation method for metal. Have a project that requires the help of a sandblasting contractor? Contact a sandblasting technician near you to discuss your project needs and get your quote.

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