3 Ways to Recycle Your Farm's Used Motor Oil

If you run a big farm, then you probably have a number of vehicles and machines on site. Over time, you'll need to replace a fair amount of motor oil. This leaves you with a disposal headache.

You know you shouldn't simply tip used oil down the drain, and you know that it can be recycled, but you don't know what to do with it. What are your options?

1. Local Council Recycling Sites

Your local council's recycling sites may accept motor oil for recycling. If you're lucky, you can take along any oil you want to get rid of and simply hand it over. You get rid of oil you don't want; the council then takes responsibility for the recycling process.

However, this service isn't automatically available everywhere. Plus, even if your council recycles oil, it might put limits on how much you can recycle at once, and it might charge for larger drop-offs. So, call or look online to see what's available in your area and if there are any restrictions you need to know about.

2. Auto Shops and Retail Outlets

Some mechanics, garages, service stations and car stores offer a free oil recycling service. They may have a skip bin that you can chuck old oil into as long as it's in a suitable, sealed container. Or, they might take it loose.

Again, this service might come with some restrictions. So, if you find somewhere that recycles old motor oil, check that you can drop off the type of oil you want to dispose of in the right quantity.

3. Oil Recycling Companies

There may be times when using local recycling drop-off services just doesn't work for you. You may have to travel too far to drop the oil off. You may have too much oil to get rid of at once and don't want to make multiple trips. Or, you may have to pay too much to get rid of all your waste.

In these cases, it's a good idea to contact waste oil disposal companies. These specialists have fleets of vehicles that can pick up large volumes of oil at once. This service is often free or low-cost because the oil has a recyclable value.

A simple, periodic pick-up may also suit you better than taking time out of your busy day to make regular runs to oil disposal sites. To find out more about your options, contact local waste oil recycling companies. 

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