Flagpole Maintenance and Repair Tips

People show patriotism to the country using different means, but the most common one is installing a flagpole with the Australian flag on their property. If you decide to install a flagpole on your property, you should understand that adequate maintenance is critical for extended service life. The reason is that flagpoles are exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, and lack of maintenance often leads to premature wear. This article highlights critical maintenance and repair tips for homeowners with recently installed flagpoles.

Attach a Sponge to the Lanyard

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate along the length of a flagpole, the lanyard, and the lanyard channel. The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they want to clean a flagpole and related parts is using a ladder for ease of access. However, you do not have to put yourself at risk for the sake of cleaning a flagpole. An ingenious way to clean your flagpole is to attach a soapy sponge with warm water to the halyard. Once you are sure the sponge is securely in place, raise and lower the halyard several times to remove any dirt and dust from all parts. If a flagpole is very dirty, rinse the dirty soapy sponge after a few rounds and dip it in clean, warm soapy water. Repeat the cycle several times until the flagpole is clean.

Inspect the Flash Collar

It is critical to incorporate a flash collar when installing a flagpole. A flash collar is an aluminium or fibre spun piece that gives a flagpole a clean finish and protects the base from the elements. A flash collar must be appropriately sealed to prevent water from pooling at the bottom of the flagpole. Therefore, homeowners must inspect a flash collar regularly for signs of wear such as cracking or bending, which can allow water into the base area. It is especially the case if a flash collar is consistently hit by a lawnmower, car tires, or a bike. While you can repair a bent or deformed flash collar, it is advisable to replace it if it has holes or cracks.

Prop up a Leaning Flagpole

A flagpole that is installed correctly and on stable soil rarely leans. However, heavy rains that lead to soil erosion can cause a flagpole to lean to one side, which is dangerous. One way you can take care of a leaning flagpole is to use a prop. To prop a flagpole, dig a hole on the opposite side of the lean. Drive in a couple of wooden or metallic stakes into the hole and secure them in place with cement. Once the stakes are solid, ask a friend to push and hold a flagpole upright as you tie a rope around the pole and the stakes. Ensure the rope is tight enough to hold the flagpole straight.

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