A Guide On Automatic Gates

An automatic gate is an instant solution to problems like rain and security. Automatic gates have an operator that receives signals from a remote fob to either open or close the gate. Automatic gates are a must-have in most modern homes. Other than offering convenience and improving your home security, automatic gates can significantly improve the value of your property. Below is a comprehensive guide on automatic gates

Choosing And Installing A Gate

Ideally, the gate's design should complement your fence or the exterior of your home. You must be cautious when choosing the gate material. For example, light materials such as aluminium and PVC will not overwork the gate operator. Cast iron and steel gates weigh hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, you will need a powerful gate operator to open and close such gates. 

You also need to decide the gate's operating mechanism. Typically, the gate could slide, swing inwards or outwards. Sliding gates are a preferable option for most people since the gate operator will not encounter any gravity. You will need sufficient space if the gate swings inwards or outwards. If your home is adjacent to a public road, the gate should open inwards to prevent traffic disruption as you wait for the gate to open. 

Features Of The Gate Operator

Below are some features to look out for in a gate operator: 

  • Examine the manufacturing company. Warranties and aftersales services such as installation and maintenance are a guarantee that the manufacturer makes durable equipment.
  • Check the motor specifications to ensure it can open and close the gate. Besides, you should check the motor's operating speed.
  • The gate operator should have a secondary mode of entrance. For instance, it should have a fingerprint scanner or digital keypad to be used by people who do not have the remote. Key cards can be cloned by anybody and, as such, you should avoid them when installing the gate opener in your home. 
  • The operator should have a backup power source to keep the gate operational when you have a power outage.  

Automatic Gate Accessories

Accessories such as CCTV will help you identify visitors at your gate. Besides, the CCTV system can be configured to open the gate when they detect the numberplates of registered cars. You could also install an intercom system at the gate. 

When installing an automatic gate, choose an appropriate gate, examine the features of the gate operator and install the recommended accessories. 

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