What Are the Benefits of Steel Structures?

From the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings to civil construction projects such as roads, dams and bridges, the use of fabricated steel is ubiquitous in today's construction industry. This situation is largely attributed to the several benefits that steel products deliver when used for construction purposes. 

If you're planning a construction project and are wondering why it's important to build with steel, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to familiarise yourself with the top advantages of steel structures. 

1. Steel structures are strong.

Steel has a high mechanical strength, which makes it incredibly difficult to damage when subjected to great tensile or compressive forces. The load-bearing capacity of steel is nothing short of remarkable. Indeed, this explains why it is used to build some of the largest modern structures.

2. Steel structures are durable.

Compared to other structural materials like concrete and timber, steel is more long-lasting. It does not splinter, warp, rot or suffer insect damage like timber. It also does not crack, shrink or erode like concrete when exposed to the elements. What's more, steel structures are more effective at withstanding natural disasters such as earthquakes. 

The only real threat to the strength and durability of steel structures is corrosion. However, modern advances in steel fabrication technology have resulted in the availability of surface coating systems that can protect steel products from corrosion throughout their expected lifespans.

3. Steel structures are a cost-effective choice.

Steel structures cost more up-front than their timber or concrete equivalents. However, they can lead to long-term cost savings that make them a more economical choice for building owners. 

Structures made of steel do not require as much maintenance as timber and concrete structures. This can reduce the cost of ownership. Plus, they have longer lifespans, thus delaying the huge investment needed to replace old structures. 

4. Steel structures are a great choice for the environment.

If you support the green construction movement, you're going to love the environmental benefits that steel structures can deliver. Steel structures last long, thus reducing the need to tear down and replace old structures. This, in turn, reduces the demand for materials needed for the construction of new structures. 

Additionally, end-of-life steel can be fully recycled without losing its intrinsic qualities. The recycling of steel helps to reduce the demand for virgin steel, which requires more energy resources to produce and also leads to the release of more carbon gases into the environment.

Contact a steel fabricator near you if you need steel parts for an upcoming construction project.

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