Proper Waste Oil Disposal: Why It's Important and How to Do It Right

Waste oil is a byproduct of essential activities such as motor oil changes, industrial processes and cooking, to mention a few. But as harmless as waste oil may seem, it can have devastating effects on the environment if disposed of improperly. Here is a look into the importance of proper waste oil disposal and how to do it right.

Importance of proper waste oil disposal

Proper waste oil disposal is crucial because it can prevent pollution of waterways and groundwater. Discharging waste oil into drains, sewers or the environment typically leads to contamination of surface and groundwater. Waste oil can also harm wildlife that comes in contact with it. Proper disposal of waste oil can mitigate these effects while preserving the integrity of the environment.

Risks of improper waste oil disposal

Improper disposal of waste oil poses risks to human health and the environment. If waste oil enters the drain or sewer systems, it can cause blockages that can lead to flooding and damage to the sewage infrastructure. Waste oil dumped in the environment or watercourses can result in the destruction of aquatic life and degrade water quality.

How to dispose of waste oil correctly

There are several ways to dispose of waste oil safely and responsibly. One option is to recycle it by taking it to a recycling centre or collection facility. Some auto parts stores, landfill sites and local councils collect used oil for recycling. It's important to ensure the recycling centre has the necessary permits and is a licensed waste carrier. Another option is to dispose of it through a registered waste carrier or licensed disposal contractor. This type of waste disposal provides traceability, and you can be sure your waste oil is safely disposed of.

Best practices for waste oil disposal

If you're going to dispose of waste oil yourself, ensure the container you use for storage is clean and has no leaks. Use a sealable container, especially if you're transporting the waste oil to a collection facility. Label the container with the date and contents, and store it in a dry, cool place where it won't be in the sun. Most importantly, never release it into the environment or pour it down the drain or sewer.

Proper waste oil disposal is critically important to preserve the environment and prevent health risks. Disposing of waste oil should be a priority for individuals and companies. Remember, always prioritise the environment and the safety of others when it comes to waste oil disposal.

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